Morning Alarm…

7 03 2013

ពី​មុន​ធ្លាប់​ផូស​ម្តង​ហើយ​ តែ​​ជា​​វិដេអូ​មិន​​Full​ (How student wake up in the morning 😀) ឥលូវទើបតែរកឃើញវិដេអូអាFull 😀 It’s too FUNNY, believe ME :mrgreen:

I Am an Engineer to Change the World (1)

6 02 2013


Short Joke Collection (2)

12 01 2013

Man 1: I want to buy a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday but I don’t know what she would like. Give me a suggestion.
Man 2: Does she like you?
Man 1: Yes!
Man 2: Then she would like anything.

Man 1: What is the secret of your marriage?
Man 2: We go to the restaurant, have a candle light dinner and walk back home. I go on Fridays while she goes on Sundays.

Man sits down and stares at his marriage certificate…
His wife ask: What are you looking for?
He replies: The expiry date!

GF: One kiss and I’ll be your forever.
BF: Thanks for the warning!

BF: Do you think my salary is sufficient for you?
GF: It is sufficient for me, but how will you survive?

BF: For the last time I am telling you that I did’t come here to get insulted.
GF: Then where else do you usally go?

What is love? Girl asks to her friend…
Friend: It is like a dinner in the best and favorite restaurant…
Girl: And what about marriage?
Friend: It’s like a take home packet…

Boy: Do you have a pen?
Girl: Yeah!
Boy: Oh…it’s out of ink!
Girl: What? You’re kidding. It works!
Boy: It doesn’t work! Well, you try…go write your cell phone number here.

A couple arrives at the countryside…
“Honey this scenery leaves me speechless!” says she.
“Great! Then we’ll camp here!” replies the man.

Husband: Do you know the meaning of WIFE? It means…Without Information, Fighting Everytime!
Wife: No darling, it means With Idiot For Ever.

My wife came home last week and shouted excitedly. “Quick! Pack your bags! I’ve won 20 million USD on the National Lottery.”
“Where are we going?” I asked.
She replied “What’s this we – just pack your bags and get out you useless man.”

Husband and wife were fighting and husband said angrily, “I must have been an idiot when I married you.”
Wife said in return, “Sorry I was deeply in love at that time and didn’t notice that.”

អានផងដែរ៖ Short Joke Collection (1)

That’s Not My Job!

23 12 2012


Just 4 Fun: 8 Million, and ONE

7 11 2012

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3 10 2012

Movie VS Real Life

23 09 2012

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